Chile Fixer

Chile Fixer offers you a full range of services that will facilitate your production needs for television, TVC, web films, branded content, documentaries, music videos and stills. We take on projects of all shapes and sizes from all over the world.

Meet Max:

Max Cruz is an experienced CHILE FIXER. Having worked as a Location Manager, Researcher, 1st AD, Production Manager, Line and Executive Producer in the Chilean service production industry and the local market, he has a wide range of experience and local knowledge to help realize your project in an affordable and professional manner all around Chile including Easter island and Antartica. Max believes that clear communication, good relations and contacts, persistence and hard work are key components to a successful shoot. Over the years Max has worked on international shoots for Production companies, Agencies, Brands and Celebrities such as Radical Media, Marken Films, Rival School, Downtown reel, BWGTBLD, Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, National Geographic, BBC, Travel Channel, David Beckham, Ewan Mcgregor, McCann, BBDO, DDB, Ogilvy, Publicis, W+K, Havas, Grey, Y&R, Anthropologie, BHLDN Superdry, Mr. Porter, Qantas, Porsche, Pepsi co, Visa, Telefonica, J.crew, Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, Lipton Ice Tea, Spar, Coldwell Banker, Veltins, Kohler, LAN and many more.

Why with a fixer

Local support and execution without all the unnecessary costs.

  • Assistance in projects of any kind and size, even in those small budget projects that nobody else wants to take on.
  • World class research and presentation service to help production companies award jobs.
  • Great relationship and discounts with local crew and suppliers.
  • Excellent knowledge of Chile locations, film regulations and permits.
  • Close relationship with Chilean Film Commission.
  • Bi-lingual multi-tasker at your service.

Why Chile

  • Wide Range and variety of locations.
  • Diverse and inexpensive casting.
  • Established service film industry.
  • Latest filming equipment.
  • Opposite seasons to Northern Hemisphere.
  • Bi-lingual and experienced crew.
  • ATA Carnet.
  • Inexpensive.
  • World class accommodation.


Chile provides an impressive array of natural and man made locations. From the driest desert in the world, the Atacama Desert, to the ice fields in Patagonia, Chile boasts a variation perfect for film and stills shoots. The capital city, Santiago, can be doubled as London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Chicago, Berlin or even Tokyo, showing off it’s modern and old city architecture. And within just two hours around Santiago, one can find snow-filled mountains, farm lands, desert, forest, beach, rivers and many more, allowing for low cost for travel and logistics.

what they say

  • I want to personally acknowledge your fantastic team and the work you did to help produce print, TV and social media for Ocean Spray’s Korean, Mexico and LATAM businesses.

    This was clearly one of the most complicated shoots Ocean Spray has ever had to execute, yet thanks to Chile Fixer, the production was flawless from start to finish.


    • Managing the production for three very distinct regions – South Korea, LATAM and Mexico.
    • Working through language barriers (Korean, English and Spanish) to ensure that everyone was on the same page and that the needs of the Client and the creative teams were met.
    • Your “can do” attitudes! Your team demonstrated outstanding problem solving skills.
    • Your flexibility. While some of our ingoing assumptions needed to be adjusted, your team quickly helped us pivot to new solutions.
    • Your patience! The language barrier meant that communication took twice as long, yet your team demonstrated outstanding patience.
    • Managing costs. This was one area that could have quickly gotten out of hand, but you collaborated with us to deliver solutions that were within our budgets.

    After spending the week with your team, I can assure you that the next time Ocean Spray needs a highly experienced and dedicated production team, we will turn to Chile Fixer!

    Kelly Reilly – Vice President Global Marketing Ocean Spray
  • »I will totally recommend Max to whoever need to produce in Chile. I was producing for very demanding and multicultural crews and Max made everything smooth throughout the process. He is very professional, a problem solver and he is very knowledgeable in situations of complexity.He was reachable at all time and on top on every situation. The crew he chose for us was excellent and all very dedicated. My overall experience with Max was very smooth from the beginning to end, I will highly recommend Max and wish I will work with him again.»

    Isabel Montenegro – Line Producer
  • He’s outstanding. Best fixer we ever used.

    Ashlee Vance – Bloomberg
  • I have worked with him and he was exceptional. Professional, good humoured, polite, sensible, experienced, knowledgable…. a delight to work with. One of the best I’ve worked with.

    Eddie Frost – Proudfoot TV
  • I can wholeheartedly recommend Maximilano Cruz. He’s an incredible fixer, partner, producer, AD, etc. Our shoot was incredibly ambitious but Max ensured that it all ran smoothly and we got everything we set out to capture. We seriously could not have done it without him. He was instrumental in helping us with carnet, and even worked some insane magic to get our airline baggage fees dropped to next to nothing. He is thorough, responsive, responsible – a true partner. And even more importantly, he keeps the mood light and the crew well fed, whether we’re in the middle of the city or deep in the Atacama desert.

    Julia Pontecorvo – Radical Media
  • Max Cruz was truly amazing to work with. Each individual in our crew echoed that throughout our time in Chile. Not only is Max very professional with a tireless spirit to boot, he’s extremely approachable and personable. Our trip was quite the success and we could not have accomplished all that we did without Max Cruz; he was absolutely invaluable.

    Christina Humphrey. Producer – Bomb Picasso
  • It´s a big pleasure to recommend Max. I´ve worked with him in several projects in Chile and Peru and he is a reliable producer. I am a Mexican producer and I have worked in almost every single country in Latin America and definitely the experience in Chile along with the experience of working with Max has been one of the best ones I´ve ever had.

    Carlos Llergo – Arrelulu TV
  • I have worked with Maximiliano and the experience was very satisfactory at all levels and of course I recommend to work with you. I’ve known him for several years and is a very responsible guy.  

    Kyra Gutierrez Arqueros
  • Max is the man! He knows how to make it happen in Chile and South America…and beyond.

    Sky Pinnick. DOP – RAGE FILMS
  • Had a wonderful experience working with Max and his team. If you’re looking for beautiful locations, fantastic local crew, delicious food, and a professional fixer…look no further 🙂

    Kevin Anderson. AC- DJI




CHILE FIXER is the smart way of doing Chile. Call me, Skype me or email me 24/7.

Max Cruz
Mobile: + 56 9 5189 3305
Skype: Maximilianocruzburmeister
PS: Producing is my life passion… but so are surfing, snowboarding and hiking. So if you can't get hold of me, I am probably chasing waves or on a mountain… Don’t panic, I will get back to you in less than 12 hrs, if not immediately.