Kelly Reilly – Vice President Global Marketing Ocean Spray

I want to personally acknowledge your fantastic team and the work you did to help produce print, TV and social media for Ocean Spray’s Korean, Mexico and LATAM businesses.

This was clearly one of the most complicated shoots Ocean Spray has ever had to execute, yet thanks to Chile Fixer, the production was flawless from start to finish.


  • Managing the production for three very distinct regions – South Korea, LATAM and Mexico.
  • Working through language barriers (Korean, English and Spanish) to ensure that everyone was on the same page and that the needs of the Client and the creative teams were met.
  • Your “can do” attitudes! Your team demonstrated outstanding problem solving skills.
  • Your flexibility. While some of our ingoing assumptions needed to be adjusted, your team quickly helped us pivot to new solutions.
  • Your patience! The language barrier meant that communication took twice as long, yet your team demonstrated outstanding patience.
  • Managing costs. This was one area that could have quickly gotten out of hand, but you collaborated with us to deliver solutions that were within our budgets.

After spending the week with your team, I can assure you that the next time Ocean Spray needs a highly experienced and dedicated production team, we will turn to Chile Fixer!